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English for a Lifetime Career Foundation

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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the economic mobility of individuals from all walks of life by offering in-demand career certifications and professional development training critical to today’s global workforce.

Our program serves youth starting at age 13 + adults at any age, and non - natives. 

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Our Vision 

We envision a community of lifelong learners who are continuously empowered to create opportunity for themselves.

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  • Cybersecurity 

  • IT Support 

  • Project Management 

  • Data Analytics 

  • UX Design 

  • Digital Marketing & E-Commerce 

  • Communication Skills For Business (January 2024) 

  • Entrepreneurship Skills or Business (January 2024) 

  • Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals (January 2024) 

  • IT/ Artificial Intelligence (January 2024)


English for a Lifetime Career Foundation is a non-profit corporation founded in the state of Georgia.

Our Core Values

Equity – Ensuring that all learners are afforded the same opportunities and are treated justly and fairly at all times

Community – Ensuring that all stakeholders establish and maintain a sense of belonging and self- agency at all times

Integrity – Conducting ourselves with honesty and responsibility 

Compassion- Establishing and maintaining compassion and concern for one other, giving no place to negative judgment of any kind

Innovation – Challenging ourselves to create unique ideas and solutions in teaching, learning, and technology

Courage- We are a resilient foundation that stands bold in the face of difficulty and uncertainty, supporting and advocating for our cause

How can you help?
Organizations desiring to make a social impact, please contact us about partnering! 

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