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Career Certificates


Program Requirements

  • Learners must complete the course within 8 months after the first login. If the course is not complete within 8 months, learners will be administratively withdrawn. Learners who fail to complete the course within 8 months and are administratively withdrawn will not be eligible for an additional scholarship.

  • Learners must attend monthly virtual course sessions. Virtual course sessions will be held once a month for two hours. Virtual course sessions are facilitated by experts in various industries and are designed to provide learners with Q&A sessions and to provide critical information about the learner’s desired certification (career pathway).

  • Learners must complete certificate capstone between months 5 and 7

    • Capstone is a practical/hands-on activity where learners will solve a problem for a company of choice and report how they solved it in relevance to their current certificate course of study.

  • All courses are facilitated via Google and Certiport/ Pearsonvue instructional materials.​

  • Currently, all certification courses are:

    • ✔ Virtual - learners can complete their course from anywhere on the globe.

    • ✔ Self-paced - learners can create their own study and completion schedule within the eight-month timeframe allotted to them.​


Cybersecurity Professional Certificate

This is your path to a career in cybersecurity. In this certificate program, you’ll learn in-demand skills that can have you job-ready in less than 6 months. No degree or experience is required.

Jobs in the field include Cybersecurity analyst, security analyst, SOC analyst, information security analyst, IT security, cyber defence analyst, and more.

Skills acquired: Foundational cybersecurity concepts, managing security risks, network security, Linux, SQL, cyber risk detection, and more

Digital Marketing & E-commerce

Digital marketers use online tools to connect with customers and help e-commerce specialists grow online sales.

Jobs in the field include Digital marketing specialist, media planner, email marketing specialist, and more.

Skills acquired: Social media content development, optimizing email campaigns, customer service, and more


Project Management

Project managers work with people to solve roadblocks and ensure projects are managed and completed with maximum value.

Jobs in the field include Project manager, program manager, scrum master, technical project manager, project analyst, and more.

Skills acquired:  Project planning, risk management, scrum, and more.


Data Analytics

Data analysts collect, organize, and visualize data to uncover trends and help make informed business decisions.

Jobs in the field include Data analyst, associate data analyst, business systems analyst, operations analyst, and more.

Skills acquired: Spreadsheets, data visualization, SQL functions and more.


IT Support

IT specialists help people by troubleshooting problems so computers and networks run properly.

Jobs in the field include IT technician, tech support specialist, help desk technician,
and more.


Skills acquired:  Binary code, DNS, customer support, Linux, and more.


UX Design

UX designers think creatively to make digital and physical products easier, more enjoyable, and more accessible to use.

Jobs in the field include UX designer, UI designer, interaction designer, visual designer, product designer, and more.

Skills acquired: Spreadsheets, data visualization, SQL functions and more.


Communication Skills for Business (2024)

Click on the link for course details


Entrepreneurship and Small  Business (2024)


Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (2024)

(Click on the link below for course details)


IT Specialist Certification (2024)

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